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Video call therapy

Video call therapy

Access therapy through innovative technology

In 2017 we conducted a pilot study, funded by Forces in Mind Trust, to deliver psychological treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) using technologies like Skype to complement our other services.

Our findings showed that in most cases, video call therapy was just as effective as in-person therapies, even with veterans who are significantly unwell.

We now want to expand this treatment to help us reach many more veterans.

Help us take this urgent step forward in veteran mental health treatment by donating today. 

Scott, Army veteran

Normally, I’d have to drive an hour and a half for therapy and take a day off work. It was so much better being able to do it over Skype. I just arranged the appointments over lunch time. I was working near to home so I’d pop back home for the appointment and then return to work afterwards. Therapy by Skype really fitted into my life.”