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Supporting the commitment to advance veteran mental health

We aim to conduct high quality robust research to ensure we are delivering the best possible services for our veterans, in line with our values. The research department is led by Professor Dominic Murphy and we are committed to publishing our research as part of our commitment to contribute to the advancement of the veteran mental health field. We work closely with Kings Centre for Military Health Research at Kings College, London to ensure our research is of the highest standards.

To celebrate the work we have achieved since the department was formed, and to reflect on future areas of research we recently published a research summary, to download the report click here.

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Our latest research

Experiences and impact of moral injury in U.K. veterinary professional wellbeing

Piloting the feasibility of delivering cognitive behavioral conjoint therapy online to military veterans and partners

Anticipating PTSD in severe COVID survivors: the case for screen-and-treat

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The paper explores existing literature on the impact of untreated PTSD in military personnel It also looks at barriers as to why people may not seek help and interventions to address these barriers Stigma is found to be the greatest barrier, in particular having negative beliefs about oneself.

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The study interviewed serving military personnel who were seeking help for mental health problems about what triggered them to seek help Five common reasons were found for seeking help: having reached a crisis point, overcome shame, felt in control, wanted to find a psychological explanation for their symptoms and had good social support.

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