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Secret Postcard Auction - Terms and Conditions


Combat Stress, Secret Postcard Auction - Terms and Conditions

Please note that by submitting your artwork you authorise Combat Stress to use all submitted postcard art and associated images, as well as your name/brand for marketing purposes (pre and post auction). Combat Stress also retains the right to refuse the artwork should it be deemed inappropriate for any reason.   

There is no theme, but please send original work, and please follow all the submission requirements listed in the Q&As below.   

These Q&As form our Terms and Conditions. 

Q. Who can take part?  

A. We encourage any professional or emerging artist to participate. Over 18 years only. We also welcome veterans who have benefitted from our occupational and art therapy sessions to also submit pieces of work. All pieces of art, including digital and photography, must be your own and unique. 

Q. Where will the money from the auction and any donations go?  

A. Funds raised from this activity will go to Combat Stress to help us deliver our services, including art therapy for veterans with complex mental health needs.  

Q. What is the process? 

A. Interested parties must register their details via our website. Here you can update this page with your bio (max 200 words). Accept the terms and conditions.  We will then send out a pack which includes the postcard template as well as information about Combat Stress and how to return your finished piece of work. Once received we will then photograph all artwork/s supplied and upload these anonymously on to our designated webpage and the auction site organised by ’’.  Please note, any items of work not sold by the auction will remain the property of Combat Stress and may be used by Combat Stress for future marketing and/or fundraising events. The auction will go live 10 October 2021, World Mental Health Day. 

Q. Who is running the auction?  

A. Combat Stress will be organising the collection of all pieces of original work (information will be in the pack provided).  Our partner auction site * will run the auction from 10 October 2021.  * charge Combat Stress a fee for using their auction site. 

Q. Does it cost anything to enter?  

A. There is no entry fee – it is just your time to create the original art. If you decide to send in your own postcard template and/or not use the enclosed freepost envelope, then you will be responsible for all postage/courier costs.  Unfortunately, we cannot cover the cost of any international postal submissions.  We will of course welcome any voluntary donations made to Combat Stress, please visit for further information. 

Q. Can I use my own postcards?  

A. In our pack we will be sending out a quality A6 postcard/s along with information about our services and where to send on the piece of submitted work. If you decide to create your own postcard/s the materials used must be 148mm x 105mm x 3mm** (**max depth). All cards should be good quality heavy weight paper, photography paper, board, textile or metal, we suggest min 300gsm if using paper. If you wish to submit more than one piece of work, please indicate this on the registration page and we will send additional cards (max 5). Sketch or print paper is much too flimsy and may be rejected for auction.  

Q. What materials may be used for the artwork?  

A. Artworks in any 2D medium are welcome but must fit the postcard specifications above.  

For example: watercolour, textiles, acrylic, oil, ink, gouache, mixed media, encaustic, collage, pencil, charcoal or pastel. Printmaking such as linocuts, etchings, silkscreen, woodcuts, lithographs are accepted if they are unique, the correct size, dated, signed (on the reverse only) and your original work. Photographs and any digital art must be in editions of one and unique to you. Any textile, photographic or digital work should be securely attached to, and fit on to the postcard template. 

Q. How do I label my card?  

A. If you are using our pre-printed postcard - ensure that all areas on the reverse are filled in clearly with your full name, date, signature and title of the work.  (by signing this you are agreeing to the terms and conditions) 

Creating your own postcard? The artist’s full name, signature, date and name of work must be clearly written on back of the postcard. You may also add social media details if you would like us to add to our website. Again, by signing the back of your postcard, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions 

Q. How will my work be publicised?  

A. By entering your work you give permission for the submitted artwork, your name and/or brand to be used for publicity on the Combat Stress and website, our social media and in the press. Your submitted work will remain anonymous until after the auction.  



Q. When is the deadline for artwork?  

A.  The deadline for submission is 1st September 2021, although we recommend getting your work sent in to us as early as possible, that way we can promote the event and all of the generous artists involved. You can send your signed secret postcard in the pre-paid envelope within the pack. This must reach us no later than 1st September 2021.  

If you decide not to use our freepost service, please send postcards to – 

Fundraising Department 
Combat Stress 
Tyrwhitt House 
Oaklawn Road 

Please note: Combat Stress cannot be responsible for any artwork lost or damaged in the freepost service. Courier or Royal Mail, tracked or special delivery postage services are recommended. (Unfortunately, as a charity Combat Stress cannot cover these additional postage costs) 

Q. When will the auction run?  

A. The auction will run for 13 days via our website and launching at 10am on Sunday 10 October 2021, World Mental Health Day and ending at 11.59pm on Saturday 23 October 2021. 

Q. How will someone be able to buy my art? 

A. All postcard art will only be available to buy through our official Secret Postcard Auction site. 

Q. I would like to help?  

A. Thank you! Please email with any ideas about corporate sponsorship, PR, recommending a fellow artist or further questions regarding submitting your artwork.   

Q. I wish to make a donation.   

A. Thank you, please visit

Q. You haven’t answered my question?  

A. Please email with any additional questions