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Secret Postcard Auction - 2021


Our Secret Postcard Auction is now closed, thanks to everyone involved in the auction, we were able to raise over £40,000. These funds enable us to help more former servicemen and women affected by mental health problems, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety and depression.  A special thank you to all of the artists, celebrities and veterans that created artwork for the auction in support of veterans' mental health. 

All artwork will be sent to the winner via Royal Mail, Special Delivery within 14 working days of the auction closing. We would like to politely ask that you do not sell any artworks that you have won during our auction. The artworks have been generously donated by many of the UK's leading artists and we want to protect their desire to support veterans' mental health. Selling artwork on to a third party damages our relationship with the artists, so we sincerely ask that you do not do this.

The work we do is life-changing and often life-saving. No one else does what we do.


Find out which artist produced your favourite postcard

Now bidding has closed, we are delighted to share details of the artists responsible for the individual artwork available in the auction. Simply click on the Lot number to view the artwork.


CS000001 Where to Now? Afghanistan 2021 Arabella Dorman
CS000005 Away Day 1 Daphne Vaughan
CS000006 Away Day 2 Daphne Vaughan
CS000007 A Helping Hand Patrick Hughes
CS000013 Isolation Derek Eland
CS000014 The Struggle Derek Eland
CS000016 Early Morning Wandering Kara Strachan
CS000017 Untitled Kara Strachan
CS000018 Fat Lady Swings Kate Madden
CS000019 Selfie in Pen Kate Madden
CS000020 Solice Under a Broken Glacier Billy Bagilhole
CS000021a The Wanderers Billy Bagilhole
CS000021b Meditating Elvis Billy Bagilhole
CS000021c Quest for the Northern Lights Billy Bagilhole
CS000022 Orange Glow Martin 'Spike' Dunkin
CS000024 Blue Horizon Martin 'Spike' Dunkin
CS000025 Sunrise Martin 'Spike' Dunkin
CS000026 Kind John Pedder
CS000027 At Sunrise Maggi Hambling CBE
CS000028 Ay Pascal Anson
CS000029 Zed Pascal Anson
CS000031 Seal Point - Morning Light John Walker
CS000032 Maine Elephant John Walker
CS000033 Current #10 David Tremlett
CS000034 Vogue Cowboy Adrian + Shane
CS000035 Doll Adrian + Shane
CS000036 Language 2 John Newling
CS000037 Language 1 John Newling
CS000038 Farming John Newling
CS000039 Sunny Sunshines Paige Denham
CS000040 Brighter Days are Coming Paige Denham
CS000041 Sunshine Paige Denham
CS000042 Blue Lily Josephine Hicks
CS000043 What? Anneka Rice
CS000046 Back up Again Carne Griffiths
CS000047 Against the Grain Carne Griffiths
CS000049 Angry Chicken Lucy Blake
CS000050 Dad Mr What and Mrs Why
CS000051 Secret Message Mr What and Mrs Why
CS000052 I Love You Mr What and Mrs Why
CS000054 Look Into My Love Hayden Kays
CS000056 The Transformative Hat Gerda Roper
CS000060 View from Waterloo Bridge Two Jayson Lilley
CS000061 View from Waterloo Bridge Three Jayson Lilley
CS000062 View from Waterloo Bridge One Jayson Lilley
CS000063 What I Don’t See Anna Mac
CS000064 Take A Seat Anna Mac
CS000065 Omen Zero.One Inbound RAF C130-J Colin Hendry
CS000066 Wokka Storm Colin Hendry
CS000067 HMS Osiris Colin Hendry
CS000068 Reunion Wilderness, Sketch 1 Ben Walker
CS000069 Reunion Wilderness, Sketch 2 Ben Walker
CS000070 Mondrian C.Brown Richard Levine
CS000071 One Minute James Hoy
CS000072 And I Close the Door James Hoy
CS000073 To Wake Him James Hoy
CS000074 Botanical Thoughts. Magic Hour Jana Nicole
CS000075 Botanical Thoughts. Sunset Jana Nicole
CS000076 Three Circles Lothar Goetz
CS000077 Abstract Head, Purple Lothar Goetz
CS000081 Goldcrest Emma Russell
CS000082 Self Portrait with Broken Phone Emma Russell
CS000085 Lilac Lily Jane Seymour OBE
CS000086 Rorschach Brian Sayers
CS000087 Noises Off Brian Sayers
CS000088 Rock Peter Lamb
CS000089 Loop Peter Lamb
CS000090 -+ Patrick Morrissey/Hanz Hancock
CS000091 +- Patrick Morrissey/Hanz Hancock
CS000092 Untitled Anish Kapoor CBE
CS000094 Approach Jean Noble RI, SWA
CS000095 First Impressions Jean Noble RI, SWA
CS000096 The Silent Fall of Snow (i) Helen Booth
CS000097 The Silent Fall of Snow (iii) Helen Booth
CS000098 The Silent Fall of Snow (ii) Helen Booth
CS000099 Nude Dan Coombs
CS000100 Nude Dan Coombs
CS000101 Nude Dan Coombs
CS000102 Nineteen Eighty - Nine (SPA) Christopher Tansey
CS000103 Ya Know! Russell Tovey
CS000104 Hampstead Russell Tovey
CS000105 Spinach Pop Hulk Russell Tovey
CS000106 Apocalypse Meow Ceal Warnants
CS000107 Dreams Never End Giles Deacon
CS000108 Love Letter Richard Berner
CS000111 CLSN-OBJ-1 Alexander Owen
CS000112 CLSN-OBJ-2 Alexander Owen
CS000113 CLSN-OBJ-3 Alexander Owen
CS000114 Shard Richard Ducker
CS000115 Blob Richard Ducker
CS000116a Stack Rob Hodgson
CS000116b The Cave Rob Hodgson
CS000117 Hope Ozlem Thompson
CS000118 Sailing Tracey English
CS000119 Summer Tracey English
CS000120 It Is You I Love The Most Mark Titchner
CS000121 Among the Leaves Anita Klein
CS000122 Abstract Landscape Lisa Robinson
CS000123 Harbour John Emanuel
CS000124 Head Study 1 Craig Jefferson
CS000125 Head Study 2 Craig Jefferson
CS000127 Born to Be Wild Posy Simmonds MBE
CS000129 Untitled (Grandfather Part 2) Samuel Coleman
CS000130 Cross Tez
CS000131 Rockpool Bench Allen
CS000133 Now I Find Poetry Adam Bridgland
CS000134 Modern Vanitas Melody Bourdon
CS000137 Little Birds John Dilnot
CS000138 Off - Cut John Dilnot
CS000139 Untitled (2021) Left Part 1&2 Terry Greene
CS000140 Untitled (2021) Right Part 1&2 Terry Greene
CS000141a Storm Jane Oldfield
CS000141b Gentle Water Jane Oldfield
CS000141c A Thames Dragon Jane Oldfield
CS000142 Puffin With Red Feather Rebecca Jewell
CS000143 Travelling Group 1 Susie Hamilton
CS000144 Travelling Group 2 Susie Hamilton
CS000145 Travelling Group 3 Susie Hamilton
CS000149a Medusa's Neck Shrine Sue Kreitzman
CS000149b Enhanced Vision Sue Kreitzman
CS000150 Imagined Woodland Twinkle Troughton
CS000151 Joy Rachel Joy
CS000152 Scent Carol Robertson
CS000153 Rosette Carol Robertson
CS000154 Portrait of the Artist at Work Euan Roberts
CS000155 Study. Exactly Where You Want to Be Euan Roberts
CS000156 And Relax (Midnight) Euan Roberts
CS000157 The Morning Sun Fill Me Up.. Gladness Winston Branch
CS000158 You Are As Sweet As Tupelo Honey Winston Branch
CS000159 Morning Glory Winston Branch
CS000161 I am Full of Rubbish Sorry Tom Skipp
CS000162 Where I Go Tom Skipp
CS000165 Honeydew Think Im Cute? (105x148) Angry Dan
CS000166 It's All for You Luke Knight
CS000167 Soldier Two Edd Pearman
CS000168 Soldier One Edd Pearman
CS000169 Down Time David Horgan
CS000170 Breathe In The Air David Horgan
CS000171 Besties David Horgan
CS000172 Odyssey 1 David Bray
CS000173 Odyssey 2 David Bray
CS000175 Whole Lot of Love Barnaby Barford
CS000176 Night at St Pauls Mark Curryer
CS000177 Times Square Life Mark Curryer
CS000178 Miaow Esme Young
CS000179 Wildflowers Esme Young
CS000181 The Outside Layer Alice Perrin
CS000182 Galaxy Kitties Alice Perrin
CS000184 Observe Nici Bungey
CS000185 We Shall See Nici Bungey
CS000186 Tintagel Coast Vanessa Gardiner
CS000187a Sea Cliffs Vanessa Gardiner
CS000187b Gull Rock Vanessa Gardiner
CS000187c Sea Wall (Trevalga) Vanessa Gardiner
CS000191 Cropped Flotsam Eelus
CS000193 Cheeky Cat (2) Shuby
CS000194 Cheeky Cat (3) Shuby
CS000195 Cheeky Cat (1) Shuby
CS000196 Go To Bed Alice Irwin
CS000198 Pelican Clare Youngs
CS000199 Hen Clare Youngs
CS000200 Mona Lisa Dotmasters
CS000201 Edgar Rollor Dotmasters
CS000202 Marilyn - Dot Dotmasters
CS000203 Blue Against a Quiet Sky Kerry Harding
CS000207 Landscape on Dartmoor 2 Richard Cook
CS000209 Landscape on Dartmoor 1 Richard Cook
CS000213 The Magic Roundabout Paul Wadsworth
CS000214 Music & Festival Flags Paul Wadsworth
CS000215 Morning Meditation I Kellie Ahl
CS000216 Morning Meditation II Kellie Ahl
CS000217 Himalayan Balsam Obsession Kellie Ahl
CS000218 Rich Enough To Be Batman - HRH Union Heath Kane
CS000219 Still Life Whilst on Zoom #2 Tyler Watson
CS000220 Still Life Whilst on Zoom #3 Tyler Watson
CS000221 Still Life Whilst on Zoom #1 Tyler Watson
CS000222 Happenstance II Jeremy Annear
CS000223 Happenstance I Jeremy Annear
CS000225 ATALANTA II David Wightman
CS000228 Untitled Joanna Lumley OBE
CS000229 Dawn Patricia Mitchell
CS000232 Blue Island Richard Ballinger
CS000236 A Pink Plaice Marissa Weatherhead
CS000237 A Plaice on the Table Marissa Weatherhead
CS000238 Refresher Melissa Hartley
CS000239 Gradient Melissa Hartley
CS000240 Field Poppies Jo De Banzie
CS000241 Behind Them the Stars Still Shined Jo De Banzie
CS000242 Something Rich and Strange Jo De Banzie
CS000243 Imagined Nebula Loz Atkinson
CS000244 Untitled Loz Atkinson
CS000245 Acacia II Jules George
CS000246 Acacia Jules George
CS000247 Stormy Summer Lee Herring
CS000248 Three With Black John Taylor
CS000249 Gorilla Gorilla Tom Van Herrewege
CS000250 Egyptian/Fruit Bat Tom Van Herrewege
CS000251 Panthera Pardus Tom Van Herrewege
CS000252 Moment of Happiness Simone Lia
CS000253 Firecrest Song Lucy Stevens
CS000257 ReflectionsElaine Fox
CS000258 Mist Mountain Elaine Fox
CS000259 Tabacco Nights Tim Fowler
CS000260 Looking Out Robert Saunders
CS000261 Crystalline Robert Saunders
CS000262 Roosting Robert Saunders
CS000263 Edge of the Moon Barbara Peirson
CS000266 Dawros II Sarah Dwyer
CS000267 Dawros III Sarah Dwyer
CS000268 Dawros I Sarah Dwyer
CS000269 November Trees 2 Felicity Keefe
CS000270 November Trees 1 Felicity Keefe
CS000271 Find Your Joy Daisy Emerson
CS000278 Moonscape Dame Maureen Lipman
CS000279 Helmet By Moonlight Dame Maureen Lipman
CS000280 Escape Dame Maureen Lipman
CS000281 Target 2 Fenella Woolgar
CS000282 Target 1 Fenella Woolgar
CS000283 Ella & Maeve Jessica Hynes
CS000284 Sea Swim Jessica Hynes
CS000285 Brothers Keeper Chike Azuonye
CS000286 A Midnight Sketch Rosso Emerald Crimson
CS000287 Glimpse Rosso Emerald Crimson
CS000290 The Unmoving Cloud Kieran Ingram
CS000292 Encounter Dairo Vargas
CS000295 Sunset James Oakshot
CS000296 We Will Remember Them James Oakshot
CS000298 Cornish Sky II Jack Davis
CS000299 Cornish Sky Jack Davis
CS000300 Volts for Sparta Luke Frost
CS000304 Feeding Hassan Aliyu
CS000305 Jockey Hassan Aliyu
CS000306 Refuge Hassan Aliyu
CS000307 Soft Touch Catherine Eldridge
CS000308 After The Storm Gary Bennett
CS000309 The Calm Before the Storm Gary Bennett
CS000310 When the Storm Comes Gary Bennett
CS000313 Breakfast Surprise Michael Kelly
CS000314 Bruno Stef Will
CS000315 Norbert Stef Will
CS000316 The Clearing David Brett
CS000317 Just Another Morning David Brett
CS000318 Figuring It Out David Brett
CS000319l Journey 1 (Left) Thomas Stimpson MBE
CS000319m Journey 2 (Middle of 3) Thomas Stimpson MBE
CS000319r Journey 3 (Right) Thomas Stimpson MBE
CS000321a Fred Perry Graeme McNay
CS000322 Calamity Jane and the Pony Express Graeme McNay
CS000323 The Future of Yesteryear Graeme McNay
CS000324 Fallen Caroline Keen
CS000325 JTAC Hill, Check Point, Helmand David Rowlands
CS000326 Ewe are Never Alone Annie McLean
CS000327 Solitude Annie McLean
CS000328 Never Tell Me the Odds Steve Carroll
CS000329 Cheerful Garden Visitor Zoe Carroll
CS000330 Rebirth Ian Willis-Bentley
CS000331 Lanvin Ian Willis-Bentley
CS000332 Jellyfish Ian Willis-Bentley
CS000333 Mono 01 Darren John
CS000334 Mono 02 Darren John


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