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Politicians pledge support to veterans’ mental health services

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Combat Stress joined the NHS and Walking With The Wounded in presenting to the Veterans All Party Parliamentary Group (AAPG) on Tuesday 25 May to showcase the collaborative work being done on veterans’ mental health services in north England.

The Op Courage Veterans’ Mental Health High Intensity Service (HIS) is delivered across the north of England in partnership between the NHS and the two veterans’ charities. It provides care and treatment for former service personnel in mental health crisis and who need urgent help. HIS works alongside the Veterans’ Complex Treatment Service and the Transition, Intervention and Liaison Service.

Major Dan Brooks, Implementation Manager for the Op COURAGE Veterans’ Mental Health High Intensity Service in the north of England, said: “This was a really important opportunity for us to showcase the work we’re doing to some of the country’s key decision and law makers.

“We were delighted to hear the group’s support for our work. We came with the intention to advocate for veterans and to stress the importance of future collaboration.

“One of our main aims was to get their support to join up efforts between parliamentarians and the existing partnership between the Ministry of Defence, the Office for Veterans’ Affairs, the NHS and charity providers. I’m pleased to announce they are now looking to set up a working group and we’ve been invited to contribute to that.”

Dr Felix Davies, Director of Operations at Combat Stress, said: “We are committed to working in close partnership across the sector, as we know this is key to providing joined-up and high-quality services to veterans. We welcome the interest from the APPG and are keen to progress the proposals we discussed in partnership with parliamentarians.”