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Delivering our services: how we work

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How we work

We announced last year, July 2021, that we were expanding our service provision by offering treatment and support online and in-person, improving convenience and ease of access so that we could offer our highly specialist intensive treatment to a larger number of veterans with complex mental health needs.

To make our service more flexible and accessible we provide treatment in four different ways:

  1. Online
  2. Outpatient
  3. Community
  4. Residential

Our service delivery

We currently have six hubs from which our specialist teams provide our services to veterans:

  • Scotland West (Glasgow)
  • Scotland East (Edinburgh)
  • England North (Manchester)
  • England Central (Newport)
  • England South (Leatherhead)
  • Northern Ireland (Belfast)

Dependent on funding, we hope to increase our number of hubs across the UK to make our in-person services even easier to access.

We plan our locations based on where the majority of veterans live and also our ability to work more closely with other veteran service providers, to improve the overall experience for veterans.

This process takes time and can involve working with veterans, regulators, landlords and local councils. We will update you on any significant news about our hubs in due course.

Veteran Intensive Complex Trauma Organised Recovery (VICTOR)

Our new intensive programme for complex PTSD, known as VICTOR (Veteran Intensive Complex Trauma Organised Recovery), involves over a year of treatment and support, including Occupational Therapy, Art Therapy, Individual and Group Psychotherapy.

VICTOR’s cutting-edge support has been developed to enable the best possible outcomes for veterans and their families.

For those who need it, there will also be a three-week residential component.

Leading international research in PTSD and Complex PTSD shows that it can be highly effective to deliver intensive evidence-based psychological therapy over this length of stay.

We have welcomed our first veterans to participate in the residential part of the programme this summer and are looking towards expanding this provision based on levels of need.

VICTOR will be made available to all veterans who qualify for this intensive support as we develop our capacity to deliver it over the coming months.

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