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Combat Stress on the set of ITV’s Trigger Point Season 2

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Back in June 2023, we were invited on to the set of ITV’s Trigger Point season 2. There we met actor Vicky McClure who plays the lead character, military veteran Lana Washington, a bomb disposal operative who heads a Metropolitan Police bomb squad. Lana suffers with PTSD as a result of her military service, which the first series referenced.

Also in attendance was one of our female veteran storytellers, Liz McConaghy, and veteran fundraiser Sip Powers, who served for a period of time in the Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Search Regiment.

With Vicky having played the role of a female veteran with complex mental health issues, a bomb disposal expert and having recently filmed a documentary with her grandfather who was part of the D-Day landings, it was therefore rather fitting for her to meet Liz and Sip.  

What ensued was a fascinating conversation about Liz’s real-life military trauma experiences, how her life was turned upside down, and how Combat Stress was able to support her to rebuild her life.

Vicky has since kindly recorded a short piece to camera calling on veterans struggling with their mental health to reach out to Combat Stress for help, which you can view below.

A huge thank you to Vicky McClure and Hat Trick Productions for facilitating this. Every single discussion around veterans’ mental health raises further awareness of the support available and will hopefully in turn encourage more veterans struggling to reach out.

If you or anyone you know is struggling, please call our 24-hour Helpline (0800 138 1619) for confidential advice and support.