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Combat Stress Legacy Team shortlisted for prestigious Smee & Ford Legacy Giving Award

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We are delighted to announce that our Legacy team has been shortlisted for the Excellence in Donor Journey & Pledger Stewardship award at the Smee & Ford Legacy Giving Awards 2024.

Being nominated for this prestigious award is testament to the team’s efforts in inspiring and guiding our supporters to leave the ultimate gift, and it is great to see them get the recognition they deserve.

Legacies, or Gifts in Wills, are a vital source of our income, funding treatment for one in five of the veterans we support. Those who give to us in this way need the highest level of trust in Combat Stress, to know their gift will be used in the way they would choose and that we will continue to be here for veterans in the years to come. The life-changing gifts left in legacies enable our supporters to leave a positive mark on the veteran community.

Sarah Seddon, Head of Planned Giving at Combat Stress, said: “For someone to leave a gift in their Will shows their absolute trust in us. It’s a powerful and selfless act that has such a vital impact, and we’re so grateful for each and every gift.

“Our aim is to steward our legacy pledgers in a highly personal way, creating a sense of community and ‘togetherness’ under a shared vision, to change the lives of veterans struggling with their mental health.

“I’m so incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished. We’ve built a great foundation that we’ll be continuously reviewing and evolving to ensure we are always providing the best possible service.”

The Excellence in Donor Journey & Pledger Stewardship category recognises excellence in building and providing an unbroken and steady donor journey from that first important touchpoint to receiving a final legacy gift.

The road from interested enquirer to confirmed legacy pledger can be a long and winding one over many years or decades. The skills needed to capture and keep a donor’s interest and steward them towards a gift are extensive – requiring patience, skill, and tenacity – keeping the donor’s preferences in mind throughout the whole journey.

The winners will be announced Thursday 18 April, Click here to find out more:

Combat Stress provides a nationwide, free Will writing service; there's no obligation to include Combat Stress and the veterans in your Will, but we hope once your family and friends are looked after, you'll consider a gift to help fund our work.  

If you would like to find out more, please contact Sarah Seddon on 01372 587 144, or at

Pictured: Sarah and Tracey from our Legacy Team