PTSD Intensive Treatment Programme

Aims of the six-week programme

Preparation for treatment: Veterans who are recommended for the intensive six-week programme will be offered an assessment with both a Combat Stress Psychiatrist and Psychological Therapist - in order to review their current circumstances and treatment options.

Some veterans may require some additional support prior to admission to the programme to make sure they get the most out of the treatment. This may involve engaging with their local Combat Stress Community Teams, local NHS services or a residential stabilisation admission(s) before commencing the programme.

Treatment: We provide six weeks of evidence-based group psycho-education and skills training, as well as between fifteen and eighteen sessions of individual trauma-focused psychological therapy. The whole 6-week programme happens at one of our three Combat Stress short-stay treatment centres.

Follow-up: All veterans completing the programme will be offered a review at six weeks. Those who need further follow-up will be referred to local NHS services or offered alternative Combat Stress residential treatment programmes or community treatment if these are suitable to the veteran’s ongoing needs.


What else does the programme offer?

Because veterans are expected to stay at our treatment centres for six weeks, we have also created a Wellbeing Programme, whereby veterans can take part in structured occupational therapy activities, as well as social and training activities, outside working hours. This will also help them to do extra "homework tasks" set by the programme.


What kind of outcomes can veterans expect?

The evidence from the Australian programmes on which our programme is based, is that one third of veterans who complete the programme do well and need little help after the programme; one third do well but need more help; and one third do not do so well, but still need less help than they did before joining the programme.


How many veterans do you treat?

The intensive six-week programme treats over 200 veterans per year.


Will Combat Stress continue to treat veterans who are not eligible?

Yes. The intensive six-week programme runs alongside the treatments and therapies that Combat Stress already provides. All these will continue. The intensive six-week programme will not replace our current residential treatments, because some veterans may not need or be eligible to attend it.