Depression can affect people in different ways. Some people suffer long lasting feelings of sadness and hopelessness while others, lose interest in things that they used to enjoy and feel tearful.

Our clinical team meet veterans everyday like Adam who are suffering. Adam felt lost in his thoughts and found it hard to break this pattern. His thoughts were critical and he often felt like he was bullying himself. He felt unable to get out of bed, because his sleep was very disturbed he never felt fully rested.

Many veterans that we treat will come to Combat Stress suffering from a number of different mental health concerns including depression. We offer group or individual Cognitive Behavioural Therapy sessions, which can help you challenge the negative thoughts that you might have and support you to engage with activities that can help you break out of a depressive cycle.

Moodzone is a series of podcasts from the NHS that could be useful to you when you are feeling depressed or anxious.

This video from the NHS can help you to understand depression