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Support veterans' mental health

PTSD leaves its mark, you can help veterans to move on

PTSD is alarmingly high among veterans who served in combat and every year, more than 2,000 new veterans ask us for help with trauma-related mental health problems.

Without specialist help, many veterans struggle with anxiety, anger and depression. Too often, the trauma rips through every aspect of their live - destroying relationships and tearing families apart. Many veterans turn to alcohol and drugs, and some try to take their own lives.

Our treatment not only transforms lives, it saves them too.

By providing a personalised programme of treatment and support, we help veterans tackle the past and take on the future.

Last year our Helpline handled over 12,000 calls - 24% more than the year before. But reductions in our NHS funding mean that more than ever we must rely on voluntary support to meet this growing demand.

Your gift today could fund an hour on our Helpline, so more veterans can start receiving the life-changing support they need.

Your support will help safeguard services and do so much to empower veterans, rebuild families and save lives. Thank you for your support.

It takes a lot of guts to call for help, but you can't lose when you call Combat Stress.

Chris' Story

"I noticed I'd changed before I returned home. I didn't sleep for a week."

When Chris returned from Iraq, trauma from his deployment sent his life into a downward spiral.

"Things got so bad, I tried to take my own life."

Our intensive treatment programme for PTSD changed everything for Chris.

"I've got a girlfriend and we've got a house together. My kids come to stay every weekend. It's such a difference to how my life was two years ago."

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