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Derek served in the Army for more than 17 years, oblivious to the damage he was doing to his mental health. When he stopped working, he suddenly had time to reflect on his past, and things rapidly took a turn for the worse.

"I began to struggle with depression, anxiety, nightmares and flashbacks. I saw the negative side of everything.”

Derek says our specialist treatment saved his life and, thanks to our supporters, he’s now living life to the full. 

As experts in military trauma, we know veterans’ mental health better than anyone. We speak veterans’ language and help them feel understood.

Many veterans like Derek hit rock bottom before seeking our help. They rely on Combat Stress to recover, and we rely on you. We want to be there for every veteran who comes to us for help, but the pandemic is putting immense pressure on our fundraising efforts. We’ve strengthened support from the Government and the NHS, but we’re still 75% reliant on public donations. Any gift you can give will help fund the specialist treatment only we can provide.

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