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100 miles in May


How do I set up my Facebook fundraiser?

Creating your fundraiser is easy, and can be done in a couple of clicks, your fundraiser will stay open until 7 June

When will I receive my T-shirt?

We’ll post a link on your fundraiser to register for your T-shirt within 24 hours. You will need to scroll down your fundraising page to find your link.

Do I have to be over 18 to join the challenge?

You have to be over 18 to set up a Facebook Fundraiser and join the Facebook Group. However, if you are under 18 and want to take part, get your parent or guardian to join the group and set up your fundraising page through JustGiving

How do I record my miles?

You can keep track of your miles however you like, have a chat with other fundraisers in the Facebook Group and see how they’re recording theirs. How do I get my free T-shirt Just click on this here to register for a T-shirt

Can I start late or early?

Of course you can! Whenever suits you!

What’s the best way to smash my fundraising target?

As soon as you set your fundraiser up it will automatically appear in your friends’ newsfeeds. Then, when you post an update it will appear in your friends’ feeds again. The more you post, the more people will see it and the quicker you’ll reach your fundraising goal!

How do I upload photos and videos to the Facebook group?

To share a photo or video on the group you can select “share” at the top of your timeline, timeline sharing will be the default so you will need to select the ‘”100 Miles in May” page from the dropdown menu. Then click the photo/video button to upload the video from your computer or phone, and you can add a description to the video at the top. We absolutely love to hear how you are all getting on so please do share, share away in the group!

How do my friends donate to my fundraiser?

There is a donate button on your Facebook fundraiser which is quick and easy for your friends to use. How much money do Facebook take from the donation? NOTHING! 100% of all your fundraiser donations will come to Combat Stress! Facebook charges 0% for fundraisers which is why it’s a great platform for the 100 Miles in May Challenge!

How do people donate if they’re not on Facebook?

You can take their donation and make the donation for them on your fundraiser page yourself. If they want to donate by cheque or other means, drop the team an email at

Will I receive a medal?

We’re giving out free T-shirts rather than medals for this fundraising challenge

Do I need to provide evidence to Combat Stress that I’ve completed all 100 miles?

No, we trust you! You don’t need to send us evidence to prove you’ve completed the challenge. We do recommend that you update your Facebook Fundraisers and post on your social media accounts where you are with the challenge to let friends and family know how you’re getting on! There will be progress badges and profile frames available in the 100 Miles in May Group. We recommend sharing photos and videos of you doing your miles and please also share them with the group as we’d love to see as many of your pics and films as possible 😊

Can I raise money on JustGiving or another platform?

We’d prefer it if you would raise money on Facebook for this challenge but if that doesn’t work for you then by all means set up a JustGiving page

Can I raise money using a sponsorship form?

We’d prefer you to raise money online with Facebook but if that’s not possible, email us at or call 01372 587 140 and we’ll send you one.

How do I pay in any cash or cheques I’ve collected?

Please send us your sponsorship form and a cheque made payable to Combat Stress to:

Combat Stress Fundraising Department Tyrwhitt House Oaklawn Road Leatherhead Surrey KT22 0BX Or you can call the office on 01372 587 140 and make a donation over the phone between 9.30 – 3pm Monday to Friday. Please write the amount paid, date and 100 Miles in May on the sponsorship form and send to us at the address above
Pay by bank transfer: please email @challenges for further details My question’s not been answered in the FAQs?
Please email us your question at or give us a call on 01372 587 140